Are you rich?

Are you rich? How do you define being rich? Is it having $1,000 in the bank, $100,000, $1,000,000 or more? If you had whatever the number in your head in your account, then what? Would you buy all the nice things you ever wanted? If you did that, would you be happy afterward? If not, what would truly bring you happiness? What if you could skip the desire for money and things and go straight to the happiness part? All these questions and more will be the discussions of this website.


My current disciplines

1. Six days a week we eat mostly Paleo, then on the seventh day we feast on whatever we want.  2. Similar with electronic entertainment i.e. YouTube, Netflix and the like; none for six days then a brain coma once a week.  3. Practice Spanish most every day via Duolingo.  4. Mediate/ pray 20 minutes… Continue reading My current disciplines


For The Love Of Money Or Happiness? — Jay Colby

Has there every been a point in your life were you were successful but not happy and vice versa? The perception of money and happiness has been discussed, argued and debated for decades. What we desire to attain in life sometimes surpasses what ultimately makes us happy. We sometimes sacrifice our happiness for money because […]… Continue reading For The Love Of Money Or Happiness? — Jay Colby