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Is it money you are looking for?

There is no doubt that having enough money to provide for your needs is a good thing. But, when is “enough” enough? What amount of money in your bank account or assets in your name constitute as being “enough”? When can you be at peace to say the words “I have arrived”?

Being affluent is not necessarily about amassing large prizes like boats, houses, cars, diamonds, etc. Being or “feeling” rich is a state of mind more than an amount in the bank. Those things which our society deems as nice do not automatically add value to our lives. We are often tricked into thinking they do by the attractive advertisements and the insentient thought of keeping up with the Jones’s. But if being rich is not defined by having lots of stuff, then how is it understood?

No one ever said on their deathbeds “if I had only purchased this one last thing”. Most people at the end will only remember their fond experiences along with memories of friends and family. If that is true for a person at the end of their lives, why not seek to attain more of those experiences here and now? Could being rich be redefined as being at peace in the here and now with what we currently possess?


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