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Think and Grow Rich

I am currently reading the unedited, original version of this book. It was written in 1939. The author is kooky to say the least. 

I will not say I do not believe the concepts he is teaching about passion and faith but I am not sold yet. Only 5 chapters deep thus far, so too early to fully judge. 

It is written unlike any other book I’ve read. He introduces concepts I’ve never heard of and tells stories that are hard to believe. Although, his teachings are still being followed to this day and Mastermind Groups are still up and running following the concepts taught in the book to this day. What a legacy for Hill no matter if it is kooky or even outright false teaching. His family must still be proud. 

I will write a full review of the book after I am finished. 

Be at peace this weekend. 

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