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Think and Grow Rich Review Part 2

So I failed. Kinda. I made it through about half of this book. It was tough because it was a lot of positive affirmation self speech and his main contention is that you must be so obsessed with money that you will do anything to obtain it. Both of those things were starting to send red flags in my mind. So I did a bit of Googling.

This is the deal that made me stop reading the book. I don’t take health advise from unfit people, I would not take tax advise from a CPA sitting in jail for tax evasion, and I do not want to take financial advise from someone who is broke. Read a bit of his life story here or check out his Wikipedia page here. He does not appear to be a man I or anyone else should emulate.

With most things in life; food, tv, friends, and books, I try to police my intake of different sources in order that I don’t poison myself. Just like poor food choices will do you harm over time, poor reading choices can do the same and are therefore not advisable to ingest. So I quit this book. Not because I could not finish it, but because I didn’t want Hill’s false ideas to poison my mind. I recommend the same for you.

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