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Business Creation

Why in the world would an introvert who is not only quiet in crowds but also a man of very few words in general start a blog? Because it is a business and business creation is my art. I am not overly interested in the type of blog or its content, except in the fact those two things add to the success of the blog as a business in a huge way. My main interest is in the very act itself of taking something from nothing and creating value for consumers. The score card of rather this worked or not would be the revenue created. Money is not the main objective, although it will be the standard which success can be measured.

As my Enneagram profile suggests, I am a peacemaker. Along those lines I have a unique ability to be a “jack of all trades, master of none”. I am not per se great at any one thing like many other Types. I am great at seeing the value that others bring to the table and creating a team around a certain goal. And then consequently, monetizing that value in a way that is profitable for all those involved. This is the fun and magic that I see in business creation. This is primarily my creative outlet. Rather its starting brick and mortar business’ or internet based, or real estate deals. The fun is creating the team, seeing the beauty before it is a reality, then watching the dream become a reality.

Why make the blog about personal finance? Because it is something I have personally researched and grown a ton in over the past 20 years. I think I have more knowledge about the subject than most. Because money is so taboo and private that most people don’t talk about it. Because most people live their whole lives never being able to control it in a manner that makes it work for them, instead they are slaves to it. I want to show people how to subdue their finances into submission and get it working for them. I could have reached my goal of the monetizing a blog with really any genre, I chose this because I knew I would be the primary author to begin with and it is a subject I know a fair amount about and am passionate for.

Whats the long-term vision? That bit is a little cloudy right now. We will start with a broad brush stroke to cover most anyone between being strapped with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to those with a net worth of a million dollars. We will attempt to educate them all in how to move to the next level. This can be as simple as creating their first budget to get out of debt, to purchasing multi-unit apartment complex’s to diversify their portfolio’s. And along the way, we will try to break the emotional and psychological hold money has over people.

Step one is to flood this site with as much valuable content as possible. This will increase our chances of being spotted by the great and mysterious ‘Google’. After he gets his eyes on us, we will be found by those searching for our topic of discussion. Step two is to start affiliate partnerships with great financial institutions who can help our readers get their finances under control. Watch the readers of this site transform their relationship with money into a more healthy one. Also, hopefully make some money doing it.

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